The Rules by Jade
By registering an account with Jades (this site) you verify that you do infact agree that you have read and agreed with our Terms of Service (TOS). We reserve the right to change these terms at any time without any notice that such a change is planned, or for any reason. Your continued usage after any changes constitutes that you have accepted our changes. Jades is not responsible for your actions on our site, and it’s your responsibility to make sure your actions are in compliance with our TOS, and you will be held accountable by any actions which are viewed as breaking any laws. Jades will hand over information on crimes committed by members of our community if they have direct or indirect connection to Jades or any services provided by our site. If you disagree with the websites features policies you are agreeing to cease the use of our services.

Age Specific

This is a PG Site. Persons below the Age of 13 are to be aware that there may be some Adult situations discussed on these Forums and that Perental Descretion is Advised.

General Terms

The Rules by Jade
- We only allow posts in English. Exceptions to this rule is the usage of phrases from other languages either in posts, or in signatures.

- Please, for the sake of yourself, and anyone around you read through your posts before posting, no one likes having to de-crypt what you’re trying to say.

- Jades may contain adult content at times, and as such discretion is advised for those who want to avoid such things. while some may say we should disallow such content, Jade feels that doing that would be counterproductive as people have a terrible habit of circumventing these things despite her better efforts.

- Thread necromancy is a huge issue on online forums, as a rule of thumb you should never post in a thread that hasn't had a post in 30 days. At this point a thread should be considered dead, and should only be resurrected if you have something to add to the original subject that you feel important enough to revive a dead thread, but not important enough to start a new thread. If in doubt, ask any of our staff. PM Only.

- No advertisement for profit on the forums. Exception for this is advertising your own work, art, writing, poetry, music, and similar. If you wish to advertise further on Jades other sites, Let her know.

- Please show respect for your fellow members and their decisions. That means if anyone tells you to back down because they feel like you are being offensive towards them, kindly apologize and act proper, just because the internet is a place where you can be anonymous, it doesn't mean you have to be a jerk. Respect other people’s opinions everyone is entitled to their own. Don’t make a deal about it and move along. Failure to do this either through repeat harassment or causing a huge incident because they feel offended by you will lead in consequences depending on the degree.

- A huge problem in online communities is one group of people or even single individuals talking down, or making fake rumors to put them in a bad light, often based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities or even religion. We don’t want to see any of this on our forums. This will not be tolerated and there will be consequences or these actions. We are all in the same boat here, everyone has something about themselves they are not happy about.

- The Staff on Jades are trusted with the enforcement of our rules, their decisions are final, if you still find that a member of the staff have treated you wrong, contact Jade by PM. Making a huge deal over it in a thread, will only bring more harm to yourself, even if the staff member in question did act wrongly you are worsening it by causing a scene.

Roleplay Rules



If you have any Questions please feel free to PM Jade *HERE*